Know More About Elbow Treatments

Here are specific treatments for bursitis that must be considered.

Physical therapy: If you find that the strengthening exercise does not seem to work effectively, it is possible that your doctor will recommend that you treat your bursitis through physical therapy, which of course will require the use of a physical therapist to help assist in the process. This should work to alleviate all conditions except the most severe.

Antibiotic drugs: On rare occasions, symptoms of bursitis in the elbow will be so severe that they need antibiotics immediately to help clean up your body's condition. These drugs will be given orally and are generally intended to eliminate inflammation. There were also times when those who receive elbow treatments have to go through several aspiration fluid exchanges, to keep inflammation down.

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Injection: While drainage of fluid in the bursa is often used before setting injections as a form of treatment, cortisone injections given by doctors can help to reduce inflammation quickly. Be careful, because there is a small possibility that the use of injections can cause infection in the area that hurts the elbow.

Surgery: Surgery is a treatment of elbow bursitis which should only be used as a last resort, especially if fluid drainage in the bursa and cortisone injection has failed to alleviate the problem. The good news is that this operation is only a small operation that does not carry many risks.

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